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The Golden Rule, It’s a Good & Beautiful Life.

Because it’s sooooo important, we decided to review the “Living Without Condemning Others” teaching, and summarise the main points.

What does “condemning” actually achieve?

  1. Creates a hostile culture. When Jesus says that we too will be judged, this is not saying we’ll be judged by God.  Condemnation from one person creates a culture of hostility and retaliation and judgement. He warns us – if you do it, it’ll be done to you. Don’t start!
  2. It prevents us from helping. The whole joke of having a log in your eye, is a humorous way of saying “when you condemn people in a so-called effort to help, you lose the ability to see or percieve things properly. We can’t help in that state.
  3. It doesn’t nourish or edify. Our “sacred” “pearls” are indigestible. People, no matter how bad one might think they are, cannot eat pearls! Jesus really was making his points in a strong and laughable way.

So what does Jesus teach for living without condemning others?

  1. Refuse to condemn. V.1,6.  He calls us to obey Him and resolve in our minds and hearts to live just and loving lives. “Do not judge…” for the reasons he states (above) – just DON’T.
  2. Ask, seek, knock. Vv 7-11.  The Christ-like response to those irritating or bad people? Pray for them, seek good for them, make genuine efforts to find out what the real problem is, and do good.
  3. The golden rule. V. 12 This is wonderfully simple and has equipped the world profoundly for two millenia! Just think first – How would I like to be treated?

This is a real and practical issue. We all struggle with judgement, and hurting others by passing unjust judgement and comment is natural but ugly. Jesus’ way is the way of love, empathy and humilty. And it takes real strength and guts. Christ in us makes living without condemning others possible.

It’s  good and beautiful life 🙂    What do you think?



Living Without Condemning Others – The Good & Beautiful Life.

What does it mean to “judge”?

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Matthew 7:1-2, (keep reading 5-6).

Once again, Jesus takes us on a journey of turning everyday challenges into life-giving moments. At church yesterday discussing this, we realised that this truth literally changes us forever!

There are at least two words for “judge” used in the Bible. In this case Jesus’ word is very negative, it means – “to decide, try, condemn, sentence.”

The other “judge” word that’s positive is “to make an objective, equitable, just & innocent assessment.” We live daily making innocent assessments. These are the ones that keep us healthy and our communities alive and well 🙂

In a way, Jesus is saying “Don’t judge wrongly, judge rightly.

What do you think the “plank in your own eye” refers to?

We understand it from the context to be “condemning judgment of others.” In other words Jesus is saying that to condemn other people in an effort to help them, correct them, or fix anything, is as ridiculous as offering to remove a speck, when you yourself have plank in your eye! Funny.

So how do we help each other? How do we live in a messed up world and help people?

v.5 Remove your judgmental attitude & approach, then you can help.
v.6 If you treat people like that, they’ll reject your “advice,” and possible attack you back.
v.12 “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

Empathy, not condemnation, will allow us to help each other, and live Jesus’ good and beautiful life. 

Be encouraged,


P.S. We’d love to hear your thoughts. What do you think?