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The Week That Divides Time in Two

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday and we discussed the week known as Holy Week, or Passion Week. A week that literally divides time into two. The significance of this week in history cannot be over emphasised.

Hebrews 1:1-4 describes the two ages of time, and Matthew 21 is the account of Jesus entering Jerusalem the week before he was crucified. Here is my illustration of the division of our age, plus four ways that Jesus made it clear on Palm Sunday that He is King!


“I Am The KING.”

1. By riding on a donkey.   Gentle.   Zechariah 9:8-9

We follow the King …By extending to others His defence, righteousness, salvation, gentleness.

2. By cleansing The Temple.  Jeremiah 7:9-15. Isaiah 56:7

Kingdom of God is a nation gathering Kingdom, not an exclusive cult.

We follow the King  …By gathering nations for worship and prayer.

3. By healing the blind and lame.  Isaiah 35:3-6

We follow the King … By encouraging (no fear), and healing the sick!

4. By attracting praise from children.  Psalm 8:2

The LORD our lord, the King will be praised by everything & everyone,
even children, silencing God’s enemies.

We follow the King …By speaking out our faith in the awesome God.

In this age, there is a gentleness about God’s offer of salvation and eternal life in Jesus Christ. When He returns or reappears at the end of the age, it will be too late to decide that He is King after all. Choosing now is good.

Revelation 19:11-16