Here are a few helpful resources:

Now that we’re renting a meeting place on Sundays, we do have some fixed expenses. Tithes and offerings into this account will help meet that weekly cost, thank you. For all donations (until we have our own local bank account) please use the following Vineyard bank account – NOTE suffix change for 2015!

generous-pic-small Westpac bank account:

03 0252 0427086 02

Account name: Assoc of Vineyard Churches

In the particulars or details put your Name (e.g. A B Smith). And in the reference put the word “River“.

We want to be a generous community, so it would also be good to have some funds available for the future…

  • We’d like to be ready to give to worthy needs in our own region like foodbanks, and perhaps to other Vineyard churches who provide help in times of crisis (like during the Christchurch earthquake, Canterbury Vineyard churches helped widely).
  • We’d like to be ready to give to worthy needs around the world. Emergencies like the 2013 Cyclone in the Philippines. Various Christian agencies provided help and pointed people to Jesus.
  • There may be some equipment for our meetings or our activities that we agree together to own.

Tax receipts will be available at the end of the financial year if your name is on the deposit  🙂

Other Reources