Upcoming Events

Vineyard Churches New Zealand  Conference 2016

  • Harbourside Church Esmonde Road, Auckland, New Zealand



Easter 2016


Sundays in Summer 2016:


Each week this summer we’re meeting in the homes of our people, from 4 p.m. Sunday afternoons. Check Facebook for the suburb, and private message us for the address. Quite often we’re in Flagstaff or Hillcrest.

Thrive Vineyard Conference 2015

is coming up!  1st – 3rd October 2015 at Harbourside Church Takapuna Auckland.




Sundays Through September 2015

We’re enjoying a relaxed look at various people in the Bible who were amazed and astonished at Jesus. Why?. And what can we learn in order to live lives more in keeping with an amazing astonishing God.

Please join us and join in. You’re welcome. Remember we start with breakfast, and we follow a relaxed discussion format. Feel free to message us through this site, or on Facebook.

“Follow the sign…”
Good breakfast, good worship, good God.

Sundays through June & July 2015

Our current series: ‘Who is Jesus? Seven Faith-Building Signs’ will be our focus for June and most of July. We’re looking at the miracles of Jesus in the Gospel of John, and asking Who is Jesus in each case.

All are welcome. Remember we start with breakfast, and we follow a relaxed discussion format. Feel free to message us through this site, or on Facebook.

Sunday 31st May 2015

All welcome for breakfast and worship at 10.00  See you at Endeavour School staff-room.

Sunday 17th & 24th May

Conversing our Faith. What makes a good conversation? What is good spiritual conversation that respects people, and uses non religious language?

Andrea will lead this discussion helping us to practice asking good questions and listen to peoples’ answers. 10 a.m. for breakfast at Endeavour School staff-room.  All welcome.

Lunchtime conversation in Jordan.
Lunchtime conversation in Jordan.

Sunday 10th May 2015

The Good & Beautiful Community is a generous community. Sometimes it’s the extreme communities that get the publicity: advocating extreme wealth, or extreme poverty, in the name of Christ. Our belief is that God has provided an abundance of good things and there is “enough for all.”

Join us this Sunday for breakfast, beautiful worship, and to discuss what God says in the Bible about real life generosity. All welcome at Endeavour School, Endeavour Ave, Flagstaff. 10 a.m.

Sunday 26th April 2015

What does it mean to be a worshiping community? Join us on Sunday and live it out! 10 am for breakfast at Endeavour School staff room, Flagstaff, Hamilton.

Worship musos on Good Friday. Cheryl, Andrew, Ian & Tanya.

“Holy Week”  

This Thursday, Friday and Sunday there’s a few different get-togethers, and everyone’s invited.

On Thursday evening 2nd April, Ian & Tanya will host a Passover meal n the home of David & Gayle Young. All welcome for a contemplative time reflecting the night Jesus was betrayed. Message us (Contact us) for more instructions if you’d like to come.

On Friday morning (3rd April) we’re joining with several other North Hamilton churches for a “Good Friday Service & Walk.”  Meet at the corner of Borman and New Borman Roads at 9 am. We’ll walk to the top of the hill to Te Toe Toe Reserve where we’ll look over the city, reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for all, and commemorate this incredible events. All welcome, message us for any details.

Sunday 29th March 2015

This is “Palm Sunday” and we’re heading towards Maundy Thursday and Good Friday! What a week. See you at Endeavour School staff room for breakfast and other goodness! 10 a.m. – All welcome. Endeavour Ave, Flagstaff, Hamilton.

Sunday 22nd March 2015

A Good & Beautiful Community is a reconciling community. Beautiful worship, biblical discovery, prayer and care, coffee and Swiss muesli! What more could you want?

Endeavour School staff room, 10 am Sunday(s). Flagstaff Hamilton.
Our text is Matthew 18:23-35. Hope to see you there. All welcome.

Sunday 15th March 2015

A Good & Beautiful Community is a reconciling community. Matthew Whyte will lead our discussions this week, and Ian & Tanya Gould will lead us in worship. All welcome.

Endeavour School staff room, 10 am Sunday(s). Flagstaff Hamilton.

Sunday 8th March 2015

Hi all, another weekend, a brand new opportunity to enjoy God’s good and beautiful life together.
Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. We’ll worship and eat together… we’ll ponder the idea of being a Christ-centered community… we’ll worship and wonder about numerous things probably 🙂   The scripture in focus is Galatians 3:26-29
See you there around 10 for breakfast.

Sunday 1st March 2015

Breakfast with friends, worship, Bible discovery & discussion, prayer, cleaning up afterwards! What a way to start the day. This Sunday, in our series ‘The Good & Beautiful Community’ we’ll explore “Being a Serving Community”  from Luke 22:24-31.

10 a.m. at Endeavour School, Endeavour Ave, Flagstaff.  All welcome.

Sunday 22 February 2015

Week two of the series “The Good & Beautiful Community.” This week’s topic is A Hopeful Community – Being Ready with Hope.  All welcome for breakfast at 10 am, Endeavour School, Flagstaff.


Sunday 15th February 2015

From this Sunday we’re meeting at the new Endeavour School ( Endeavour Ave, Flagstaff). We’ll be in the staff room behind the main office entrance. We’re trying a breakfast start – 10 a.m for coffee, tea and breakfast type bites to enjoy together and begin worshiping.

We’ll start our new series “The Good & Beautiful Community.” This is approximately eight weeks of discovering the character of God’s people, and “soul-training” to embed Jesus’ stories into our lives.  All welcome 🙂

Good & Beautiful Community
Good & Beautiful Community

Sunday 1st Feb & Sunday 8th Feb 2015

For the next two Sundays we’ll be meeting at David & Gayle Youngs’ house. 4 p.m. for wonderful worship, mighty ministry, a friendly feast, and Ian Gould will lead us in two practical discoveries entitle “The Gifts of the Spirit and Me.” This will be a biblical journey, practicing walking it out in real life!

All welcome – please message us on Facebook for the address. Cheers.

[ I’ve tried to find a good picture to jooj this post up, but I cant 🙁   ]

Sunday 25th January 2015

Slight change of plans people – in mid February we’ll start our new series “The Good and Beautiful Community” as described below 😉   THIS Sunday we’ll have some space for personal sharing, and looking and praying for the New Year in front of us.

We’ll meet at the Perrys’ in Trinidad Place this Sunday, at 4 p.m.  All are welcome. Please use the contact form if you need instructions, or message us via our Facebook page. Come as you are.

The new series is approximately eight weeks of discovering the character of God’s people, and “soul-training” to embed Jesus’ narratives into our lives. So – something to look forward to eh? 🙂


Good & Beautiful Community
Good & Beautiful Community

Sundays – 28th Dec to 18th January.

We’re meeting at the home of Ian & Tanya Gould through this summer season. All welcome, 4 pm Sundays, for worship, discussion, prayer and easy supper.  Please message us on Facebook for the address or phone number. www.facebook.com/riverchurchnz

Have a very Merry Christmas, and may 2015 surpass you greatest dreams.

Sunday 14th December.

This weekend we meet at the home of Andrew & Li lian Lim. We continue the series for reflection and discussion: Advent in Art.

4 p.m. for worship, discussion, prayer, and a meal. All welcome.

See you there, Matt

Mary & Elizabeth meet and share wonder.


No meeting this weekend – Sunday 30th November

So next meeting is Sunday 7th December, at the Perrys’. December??! How did that happen?

Did you see this? I agree. Enjoy..



Next Meeting is Sunday 23rd November.

Meeting at the Perrys’ this Sunday. 4 p.m. We’ll finish our series on “The Good & Beautiful Life” 🙁    Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount finishes as profoundly as it started – with good and beautiful words that amazed and encouraged all who heard. Hopefully we’ll have a good time too!

Please use the contact form if you need instructions, or message us via our Facebook page. Come as you are.

This weekend we meet on Sunday, 16th November 2014. 

4 p.m. back at the Goulds’. All welcome for worship, discussion and supper. We’re exploring the Good & Beautiful Life, a series by James Smith where we learn to live more like Jesus… learning learning 🙂

This week, something along the lines of – The Road to Life, and Good Trees Bear Good Fruit.

Once again, please use the contact form if you need instructions, or message us via our Facebook page. Come as you are.

Friday Night Church – 7 p.m. Friday 7th November 2014. Postponed ** to Sunday 9th **

For several very good reasons … Church will be on Sunday afternoon (9th Nov.) this weekNOT Friday night (7th Nov.). See you at the Goulds’ at 4 p.m. for worship, word, wonder, and whatever you bring for potluck dinner 🙂

This week we’re at the Goulds’ home, and will continue our discussion series from Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount. Please use the contact form if you need instructions, or message us via our Facebook page. All are welcome.

What Love Can Do 2014 – October 2-4, Auckland.

This is our annual national gathering where we , once again, explore what can happen when we encounter, reflect and express God’s love in our daily lives.  This is our special chance to worship together, pray together, and learn what it means for the Kingdom of God to break into the here and now.

Click here to visit the dedicated site fore WLCD2014 –  read more and register.